The following photos are interior views of the residence at 450 Betz Place.  (See previous post for existing exterior views.  The photo captions are as follows:


1. View of dining room on the first floor as seen from the front door.

2. View of the living room on the first floor.  The living room has a vaulted ceiling.

3. Another view of the living room showing the fire place.  The doors on each side lead out to an enclosed porch or solarium.

4. View of the solarium looking towards the rear yard.

5. Another view of the solarium looking towards the front of the house.

6. Inside the dining room looking up the stairs.

7. View of the kitchen on the first floor.  The base cabinets have been removed because they were damaged by flooding from Hurricane Katrina.

8. View of the storage room that was the original garage.  The floor elevation is a couple of steps below the other first floor spaces.  The ceiling height in this space is 6′-10″ and is situated under the second floor bedrooms.  Modification to the brick wall in the background is visible where the garage door was removed.

9. View of the den that is adjacent to the storage/original garage.  The floor elevation is the same as the storage/original garage.  The ceiling in this space is also 6′-10″ and is situated under the second floor bedrooms. 

10. View of the smaller of the two bedrooms on the second floor.

11. View of the larger or master bedroom on the second floor.

12. View of one of the bathrooms on the second floor.

13. View of the study located over the kitchen.  Because the kitchen has a normal ceiling height, and is at the same elevation as the other living spaces on the first floor, the study floor is elevated a couple of steps above the rest of the second floor.

14. This is the entrance to the study showing the steps to get to the raised floor.  It is immediately adjacent to the steps going down to the first floor making it a dangerous condition.


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