The first image shows the existing first and second floor plans.  The former garage and storage room is two steps below the main first floor elevation, and the ceiling height is approximately 6’-10”, too low for a code compliant living space.  Also, the floor elevation in these areas is below the FEMA base flood elevation (BFE).  The existing living room is the most dramatic space in the house with a vaulted living room ceiling.  The roof over the living room is elevated to provide a more balanced composition, with the 2 story mass opposite the entrance.


The second image shows the proposed first floor plan.  The storage and family room with the low ceiling height is converted into two adjacent single car garages.  The addition towards the rear takes the form of two wings that form a “U” around a central courtyard with a lap pool.  The present foyer and dining room are developed into an expanded foyer with an axis that extends through the courtyard and is terminated by an accessory building that would contain pool related equipment and a toilet.  The roofs of the two wings are intended to minimize the impact of the existing roof lines as seen from the street. 


The wing located nearest to the side street will contain a new great room, kitchen and dining room to replace the spaces that were displaced by the garage placement.  The other wing is the master suite, and is located in the most private portion of the lot.  The great room and master bedroom will have higher ceilings and roof lines similar to the present living room, and will have two symmetrical facades that face each other on opposite side of the pool. 


The third image shows the second floor rearranged to create 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms out of the present arrangement of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, as well as the roof over the addition.


Some refinements are being made to the plans such as creating a better connection between the kitchen and the garage, and exploring the possibility of relocating the laundry towards the master suite.   

To see existing interior views see previous post:

To see existing exterior views see previous post:


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