The plans indicated in this post are a further development of the plans that were presented in the earlier post on the Renovation of 450 Betz Place.   (See

What has been changed is the following:

Access from the garage to the kitchen has been improved.

1.       The formal dining room has been deleted;  the dining will occur within the great room.  The problem with the previous arrangement was that the space was too restricted for both a kitchen and separate dining area.  As a result, both spaces were greatly compromised to make room for each.

2.       The side yard requirements are 5 feet rather than 7 feet as previously assumed.  Because this lot was dimensionally a sub standard lot, the zoning code referred to a different section that had a minimum 5 foot side yard rather than the 7 foot side yard.  This allowed the master suite was to expand, and as a result, the laundry room is relocated adjacent to the master bedroom and bathroom area.

3.       The courtyard space for the pool is slightly wider.  The restricted kitchen/dining arrangement of the previous layout and the master suite with the 7 foot side yard wouldn’t allow a wider courtyard without further compromising the interior spaces.

Unfortunately, this plan may not be realized as it is designed here.  The owner lives alone and does not wish to take on such an extensive renovation plan, and he believes that if he spends the amount of money that it would take to renovate and expand the house as presented here, he may as well tear down the existing house and build a new house.

For several weeks the owner was considering demolition of the house, because the renovation and additions proposed would have cost almost as much as a new house, and he disliked the lack of yard space after construction of the additions.

The owner is considering a smaller scope renovation that would place the master suite where the garages are, despite the low ceiling height of 6’-10” and the lowered floor space.  The kitchen would be expanded out towards the rear yard with the addition of a laundry room and a two car garage.

The intentions of the original renovation/addition design was to expand the house and make it comparable to the other newer houses in the neighborhood.  Many of the older houses have been demolished and replaced with much larger sized houses.  Doing a small scope renovation, in my opinion, doesn’t bring the value back to the house for resale purposes, but on a brighter note, at least the house will be preserved.


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