The drawings below show a design for a new residence at 450 Betz Place to replace the existing residence that was featured in earlier posts.  The design is of a Dutch Colonial style with a typical gambrel roof with shed dormer facing the street.  Typically, Dutch Colonial houses have a porch on one side or the other with a shallow pitched roof.  This design has two single story wings flanking each side of the main body of the house with shallow hip roofs that mimic the form of the porches found on Dutch Colonial houses.  The garage has a gambrel roof that gestures back to the main house roof.  The garage is separated from the main house by a breezeway that forms a covered gateway to the rear yard.

The first floor contains a large great room towards the rear that is oriented to the yard.  The side wings contain kitchen, breakfast room and laundry room on the Geranium Street side, and part of the master suite on the opposite side.  The rooms are arranged so that the more formal rooms are contained within main body of the house, and therefore are able to have 10 foot ceilings, including the master bedroom and the dining room.

The second floor contains three guest bedrooms and two baths.  Two guest bedrooms face Betz place, and are within the shed dormers; the third guest bedroom faces the rear yard and is contained within a gambrel roofed dormer centered on the rear elevation.

This design was produced in May of this year when the Owner first decided that he was going to demolish the house.  Before I could present the design to him, he reversed his decision and decided to renovate the house.  I avoided showing him the design so as to not persuade him to demolish the house.  When he flip-flopped back to demolition, I presented this design to him.  His preference is something that is more of a cottage style.


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