The drawings below is the design for the Creole style cottage from the previous post (http://michaelrouchell.posterous.com/450-betz-place-creole-cottage-styled-new-resi), but with some minor requested revisions.  The revisions include reworking the master bath to include a roll-in shower, the addition of side windows for the two front bedrooms, and the front openings increased in size slightly so that the sill is about 12 inches above the floor.  In addition, the front entrance door and side lights were reduced in width and an elliptical fanlight transom is featured above the door.

An alternate rear elevation is provided indicating shutters on the rear porch columns.  The bi-folding pairs of louvered shutters would be located below transom panels of louvers, and above a guardrail of solid panels.  The louvered shutters could close allowing use of the front porch during rainy weather, as well as provide hurricane debris protection for the French doors.  Similar shutters would have to be provided at the breezeway entrance from the driveway to provide security. 

A similar project with shutters that enclose a porch can be found at this house recently built in the Bahamas:  http://www.period-homes.com/Previous-Issues-09/SeptemberProject09delaguardia.html.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sell the idea of the shutters enclosing the porch, even with a copy of the above referenced Period Homes issue in hand. 


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