The drawings below are revised from the previous post http://michaelrouchell.posterous.com/450-betz-place-creole-cottage-styled-new-resi-0.

The revisions on the first floor include relocating the toilet, shower and pool storage to the garage allowing the master bath to take over the space that was originally assigned to those functions.  The kitchen has been expanded with an island and is more open to the great room.  The butler’s pantry and breakfast area was also eliminated.  The space that is left over from the breakfast room is now a study that can be closed off with pocket doors.

On the second floor, the 2 guest bedrooms have significantly increased in size so that the natural light from the side gable windows is now able to supplement the natural light from the dormers.  The side windows that were cramped in the gable wall of the center bay of the main house were removed because they were no longer necessary.  The third bedroom area has been reassigned a sitting area, but it’s size, it’s connection to a shared bathroom and the inclusion of a closet allows it to easily be converted into a fourth bedroom at a later date. 

The intent of the second floor is that it can be closed off during much of the year when it is not being used, saving on HVAC costs.  The pocket doors separating the sitting area, as well as the guest bedroom doors allows this area to be completely closed off from the first floor.  It is also thought that the upper stair hall will be heated and cooled along with the first floor areas.

The rear of the garage features a niche-like area that is carved out of the mass of the garage’s attic to provide a concealed space for the HVAC condensers.  Placing the units in such a small yard would seriously detract from the design of the yard.




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