In the last post I posted pre-renovation photographs of the interior and exterior which you can see here:

As stated in the previous post, this is a cottage that was purchased by a contractor friend, Paul Gallant, who wishes to renovate, and expand the house from a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom, single story house to a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom, two story house.  The existing roof is to be removed and replaced with a larger, steeper roof that would contain shed dormers on the front and rear elevations.

The plans presented are progress plans; additional information including dimensions, notes reference symbols and other information will be added later.

Three plans are arranged on the first sheet, starting from far left, is the first floor demolition plan, the proposed first floor plan and the new proposed second floor plan.  The rooms on the plans have not been labeled, but I think it is obvious what the rooms are.  

The demolition plan shows the existing plan layout, a typical front to rear arrangement of living dining spaces to the left and bedroom bathroom spaces to the right, with the walls proposed to be removed.  The hatched area in the rear is an added-on portion of the rear house that will be completely removed.  The other hatched area in the front corner of the present living room is the portion of the ceiling to be removed to make way for the new stairwell.

The proposed first floor plan shows a total rearrangement of spaces need to transform the entire first floor into living spaces.  The dining room remains where it is presently, and the kitchen is relocated to the left of the dining room into a much larger space.  The load bearing partition between the living room and front bedroom will be removed to create a larger living space, a front entrance foyer with a stairway to the second floor.  A powder room and pantry will be worked into the area that is presently the bathroom, while a laundry room and side entrance will be worked into the small space that is presently the kitchen.  An addition on the rear that replaces the smaller add-on that is indicated to be removed in the demolition plan will contain a large family room and breakfast room.

The second floor has three bedrooms, with the master bedroom facing the rear yard.  A common bathroom and dressing room is located where it is easily shared by the two children’s bedrooms.  The master bedroom suite that includes a large bathroom with a whirlpool tub and a shower, and a large walk-in closet within the dressing area. 

As a side note, the master bedroom, bathroom and office vestibule was arranged with the intention of extending the chimney flue from the dining room fire place up through the second floor, but it is very likely that Paul Gallant, the owner/contractor may opt to remove the chimney on the second floor making the fireplace in the dining room a purely decorative element. 

The second sheet shows the building elevations with the proposed steeper roof to accommodate the second floor.  Containing the second floor within an attic reduces the possibility that the second floor addition will over dominate the scale of the existing structure.  Also, the roof is designed so that it can be constructed over the top of the existing roof.   The second floor can be enclosed and weatherized prior to demolition of the existing roof structure.  The line of the existing roof is dashed in the elevations. 

The exterior siding will be painted fiber cement plank siding.



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