The drawings below are the floor plans and building elevations.  These drawings will be further developed into final construction drawings.

The first floor shows the swimming pool and its location in relation to the existing oak tree.  It is hoped that the pool can be half raised above the ground so that the pool edge falls just below the level of the rear porch floor.  Surrounding the pool is a deck.  Instead of building a patio surrounding the pool, I am thinking that the deck will have these least impact on the tree’s roots.  The deck would be supported by posts anchored to concrete filled drilled holes that can be located where they have the least impact to the root structure.  If all that doesn’t work, then the pool and deck idea may have to be sacrificed.

The second floor shows the two large sized guest bedrooms with a central sitting room that could also be converted into a bedroom.

The exterior of the building would most likely be a painted brick rather than stucco.  Even though stucco is probably most appropriate, the client prefers painted brick.  Actually it will be a thin brick system applied over AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) block to reduce weight.  The weight becomes an issue where the exterior walls of the main house block span across the kitchen on one side and the master suite on the other side.


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