The drawings below are the latest drawings for the Arts and Crafts Renovation Project at 7042 Camp Street, which is now under construction.  The sheets are numbered A-1 through A-4 and dated 2-01-2011.  These drawings are also the same drawings that were used to apply for the building permit.  Although the drawings are not complete, the owner and contractor, Paul Gallant, wanted to secure the building permit so that he could proceed with demolishing the rear addition and doing all the foundation work.  While that work proceeds, these drawings will be further revised and completed.  This is called fast tracking.  Design decisions are established early on, drawings are produced, and the work proceeds as other finish details are further worked out.  It compresses the design and construction time, but it requires a strong commitment to early decisions that could be costly to change if something needs to be rebuilt or changed.  (It is always costs less to use an eraser vs. a crow bar.)

Sheet A-1 is the foundation plan and site plan.  The existing footings were surveyed and the engineer determined that additional footings need to be added support the new second floor.

Sheet A-2 is the floor plans and A-3 is the elevations.  They are the same drawings posted previously, except that dimensions, references tags, notes and other construction information has been added.

Sheet A-4 is has the finish schedule and opening schedules at the top half of the sheet.  The bottom half is blank to allow the addition of future details and drawings. 



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