The images below are 3D Sketchup models of the proposed residence at 450 Betz Place viewed from all four corners.  In addition there is an alternate design that is being considered for the garage that was generated in response to the close proximity of overhead power lines near the gable of the original design proposal.  The original design has the garage roof perpendicular to the main house’s roof, and the alternate design has the garage roof parallel to the main house.  The alternate design provides a place that is ideal for air conditioning equipment where the garage roof and house roof meet.  The parapet wall would have a screen created by stacking 9 inch long by 8 inch wide straight barrel clay tiles.  Actually, the tiles come in 18 inch lengths, so one tile would have to be cut in half to create two 9 inch lengths.  

You can observe the floor plans at this previous post: http://michaelrouchell.posterous.com/progress-drawings-450-betz-place




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