These are the interior elevations showing my proposed design concept for the master bathroom, shower, dressing room and walk-in closet.

The shower is a curbless and open (with no shower door), and is completely tiled on all four walls and floor.  Because it is difficult to slope tile work to the drain with large paver tiles, I’ve decided to use a small 2 inch square travertine tile that would also be used on the wall surfaces.  The shower would have a conventional shower head, a body spray, and an over head rain spray.  Opposite the shower heads and valves is a built in seat, all of which is tiled with the same 2 inch square travertine tile that is used throughout.

The dressing area would have all wood vanity cabinets and a granite top with under mounted lavatory bowls.  The granite variety that I would like to see used for the vanity top is something light in color such as Luna Pearl, a white granite with small gray speckles, or New Caledonia, another light colored granite that has a variety of grays and tans on top of the light crème color.  Both of these granites would complement the crème or tan color typical of travertine.  The dressing room mirror would be a large plate glass mirror that is trimmed with wood casing on the sides and top matching the typical door casing profiles that are to each side.

For the sake of continuity of the material palette, the bathroom combines the same vanity top granite with the small travertine tile.  Because the shower is curbless, it seemed appropriate to use the same 2 inch for the bathroom floor with no threshold or transition between the shower and the bathroom.  The tub is built into its own alcove with a vaulted ceiling above.  A 4 inch wide band of granite forms an impost band located at the spring point of the vault with the 2 inch tile used below.  The 2 inch travertine tile would also be used at the tub apron, and the similar 4 inch wide bands of granite would be used to case the shower opening, and the window, as well as for a base.  Adjacent to the tub, against the rear wall is the water closet and bidet.  A requested window may be located above the toilet and bidet in a future revision.

The walk-in closet has built-in wood shelves with double hanging rods.  Both the walk-in closet and dressing room would most likely have a strip or plank wood floors that match whatever is selected for the master bedroom.

All of this could change from now until the time it is built, but this is the master bathroom concept as I envision it now and what is being priced by the builder.        

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