Architects are no longer capable of designing large scaled buildings, as can be seen in the proposed rendering of the building that is being proposed for the corner of Canal and Rampart streets.  In an attempt to break up the mass of the building, the architects create a large building mass that is a random, asymmetrical collage of various fenestration types and materials.  There is nothing at the street to engage the pedestrian on Canal or Rampart streets.     

The attached sketch was traced over the rendering of the proposed high rise building proposed for Canal and Rampart Street, and shows how a traditional building would be designed for the site.  An “H” or “I” shaped tower would sit on top of a five story base that would have set backs on Canal and Iberville streets, providing a low rise scale for those street facades.  The long Rampart Street façade is broken into five parts that are articulated where the tower wings meet the base.  The mass of the tower is less apparent when viewed from up or down Rampart Street due to the setbacks created by the light courts created by the “H” or “I” shaped tower plan.

The building is also divided vertically into a tripartite composition, with the base, the “H” shaped tower and a small penthouse.  Changes of materials, cornices, moldings and ornamentation further break down the mass of the building.  



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